(Updated 05/16/22)

To continue to help teams during these uncertain times, we are keeping the Double-Play Rule in effect throughout the entire 2021-2022 League Year. Please note that if a team has five or more players present (that keep them at or below 23 points) they may not invoke the Double-Play Rule … unless the total skill level of their lowest five players exceeds 23 Points.  If so, they are allowed to invoke the Double-Play Rule.


If a team invokes the Double-Play Rule, the opposing team gets to choose who Double-Plays for your team … amongst the players who will be physically shooting that night. This keeps teams from having a player stay home just so they can invoke the Double-Play Rule and play their best player twice.


Please Note: The Double-Play Rule may now be used during the regular session in not only our standard 8-Ball and 9-Ball Team Leagues, but also in our Ladies and Masters Leagues. Mixed Format and Adult/Junior Leagues will follow the double-play rules that are already built into those formats. Players that double play must be a Skill Level 5 or below (except for Masters). The Double-Play Rule may not be used during the playoffs or other HLT play.


Teams who wish to invoke the Double-Play Rule MUST notify their opponents prior to the end of the first match of the night. Simply notify the opposing team that you will not have all your players present and that you are invoking the Double-Play Rule. Give them the names of ALL players who will be present and shooting that night (not necessarily in order of play). The opposing team will then, at that time, choose the player on your team who will be allowed to double-play in the final match of the night. This way players, who are not needed may go home early if they choose. The player chosen to Double-Play (shoot in the Final match of the night) may shoot initially in any one of the other prior matches. Note that NEW players and players with less than 10 lifetime scores in their record are not permitted to Double-Play in a team match.


At least one of those players must have a skill level low enough to prevent the team from breaking the 23-Point Rule (13-Point Rule in our Ladies Leagues). If not, the team must forfeit their last match to their opponents.


If the team has one or more players, with a skill level low enough to prevent the team from breaking the 23-Point Rule (13-Point Rule in our Ladies Leagues), their opponents must choose one of those players. They may not choose a player who would cause the team to violate the 23 Point Rule (13 Point Rule in Ladies). It is the responsibility of both teams to make sure that the 23-Rule (13-Point Rule in Ladies) is not violated.  If a player is chosen who causes it to be violated (and the match is physically shot) then that match would be officially forfeited by BOTH teams. 


Write on the back of both scoresheets the name of the person who was chosen to double-play so that there are no misunderstandings. Your opponents do not have to announce who they will be putting up against that player until the time of the final match. If after invoking the Double-Play rule, a fifth player happens to show up later, they cannot shoot in the double play match or ANY OTHER MATCH ... UNLESS the opposing Captain agrees that you can rescind your Double-Play request and play them or allow that player to shoot in one of the other matches. It’s totally their call!


If, after both players are chosen for the Double-Play match, a player needs to leave (for whatever reason) their team will not have to receive a complete forfeit. Their team will still receive Partial Points for the un-played match - 1 Point in 8-Ball and Ladies; 10 Points in 9-Ball; 5 Points in Masters) ... while their opponents will receive Standard Forfeit Points - 2 Points in 8-Ball and Ladies; 15 Points in 9-Ball, and 6 Points in Masters). Both teams will also receive Bonus Points, provided full weekly fees are received on-time.


Thanks for playing in the APA and please stay safe!


Melissa Frank

League Operator

APA Pool League of Maryland