9-Ball Veteran's Day Tournament
Date:  November 13th, 2021
Location: The New Green Room Billiards
Doors Open: 11:00 am
9-Ball Check-in: 11:00 am - 11:30 am
9-Ball Tournament Starts at: 12:00 pm
Deadline To Register: November 1st, 2021

Registration is now open for the 2021 APA 9-Ball Veterans Day Tournament! 

You must be a member of the Armed Forces or a Veteran to participate in this Tournament. All players who would like to shoot in the 9-Ball Veterans Day Tournament will be required to register online (through the link below) for this event. This event is FREE to all Veterans and current members of the Armed Forces! Please note: You may only register for one format, as we want every Vet and Armed Forces member to be able to participate in the event.

Entrants must be on the roster of a currently active 9-Ball team, and may not register if they have XXXs or $$$s next to their name. Entrants must have a minimum of 10 actually played 9-Ball scores in the APA and all scores must have occurred over the past two years. All players will be seeded by skill level as best as possible.

The players meetings will take place (over the intercom) 15 minutes prior to the Tournament starting time, with matches beginning immediately after the meeting.

Please do not arrive late, as we need to get the tournament started on-time; it is not fair to those who arrived on-time to wait for late comers. If you arrive after the check in time you may not be seeded within your skill level or you may not be permitted to play at all. We will not be able to accept registrations after the November 1st deadline due to preparation of the Tournament, so please register on time.

You must REGISTER ONLINE to play in the Tournament. Please be sure that you receive a registration confirmation via email. Players who register and no-show without letting us know (before the event) may not be invited to participate in Veteran's Day Tournaments in the future.

The winners of each board will receive plaques and advance to the Spring 2022 Singles Regionals in March of 2022. Those who win in the Spring 2022 Regionals will advance to Las Vegas to play in the 2022 APA Poolplayer Championships. Once qualified, to maintain eligibility you must remain on an active 9-Ball team (each session) until completion of the APA Poolplayer Championships.

To register, simply click "Register Now" below!