Regular Session / Playoffs - Please note that if a State Of Emergency or Snow Emergency Plan goes into effect or is in effect within one hour of official league starting time, or goes into effect during league play, all APA Leagues will operate under the APA Liberal Play Policy.  This means that if teams choose, they do not have to play that night, and that no teams will be penalized for any and all un-played matches.


Any and all un-played regular session matches will be officially rescheduled at the original hosting location for 2:00pm on the “second” Saturday following your regular scheduled night of play (the “first” Saturday for playoff matches) … or as listed on the APA voice mail system or website.  If both teams agree, matches may be made up anytime “prior” to the official rescheduled date.  Call the league office for your opponent’s phone number.  For regular session play, note that if a prior date and time cannot be agreed upon by both Team Captains and if a team can’t make it on the re-scheduled date, they will not have to forfeit.  The team will instead receive 40 points + bonus (9-Ball) or 6 points + bonus (8-Ball).  Bonus points will only be awarded if weekly fees and make-up score sheets are turned in on-time (meaning, in that week’s team envelope).  The team that shows up will receive 60 points + bonus (9-Ball) or 8 points + bonus (8-Ball) … provided they wait the required 15 minutes and have their score sheet signed by the bar staff (listing the time of the no-show). If BOTH teams elect to split the points rather than making up the matches, they may do so (7 Points + bonus in 8-Ball and 50 points + bonus in 9-Ball), however Weekly fees are still due.  HOLD ONTO YOUR SCORE SHEETS.  ONCE YOU HAVE MADE UP ALL UN-PLAYED MATCHES, TURN IN YOUR SCORE SHEET IN THAT WEEK’S TEAM ENVELOPES.

Fall Session Tri-Cups - Please note that if a State Of Emergency or Snow Emergency Plan is in effect two hours prior to your Fall Tri-Annual starting match time, all Tournament Play will operate under the APA’s “Liberal Play Policy” (unless league play is officially cancelled on the APA Website – www.apapool.com).  This means that the Tournament Room will remain open and that Tournament Play may continue with those teams present, but that no teams will be penalized if any or all of their players choose not to show. Any and all un-played and needed Tournament Matches will be officially rescheduled by the APA League Office, with those new dates and times available through our Voice Mail System. Email, or our APA Website ... hopefully within 2-4 hours following your originally scheduled match times. Rescheduled dates and times may be obtained 24/7 by logging on to our website (www.apapool.com) or by calling the APA Voice Mail System (410-255-5400 or 1-800-285-0228). These rescheduled dates and times have to be firm and we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you or your team mates.

To determine if a Snow Plan is in effect, go to our local APA website (one hour prior to your official league start time) and click the links listed.  Please note that there may be a delay by the government agencies in posting that a plan has been put in effect or that a plan has been lifted.  Go with what is listed on the site at that time.