End of Session Playoff

Eligibility Criteria

Please make sure that the players on your team play at least the minimum number of matches with “your” team, in order to be eligible for the playoffs.  If they had “6" or more matches played in the same game format prior to the start of this session, they only need to play 4 matches with your team to be eligible; if they had less than 6 matches played in the same game format prior to the start of this session, they must play 6 matches with your team. Please keep in mind that matches played for other teams or in another game format cannot be used to satisfy the eligibility requirements for “your” team members.

Players must meet the above requirements.  During the last few weeks of the session your team may have matches forfeited to it from the other teams (which may prevent some of your players from shooting the required number of times required to gain eligibility to play in the post session playoffs). Do not wait to get your players qualified!  It is extremely important that you have all of your team members shoot the minimum number of matches required as early in the session as possible!  Any team members who have been removed from your team’s roster, or have been marked Not Eligible for failing to play the minimum number of matches with “your” team, or who are listed as Suspended ... are not eligible to play, coach, advise the coach, or keep score .... and their skill level cannot be used for “23 Point Rule” purposes. Players who owe money may still play in a player match, however if the entire amount due is not included with that night’s paperwork ... their match will be considered forfeited.


Picture I.D. Required

All APA members are now required to present a current state certified positive picture I.D. in the form of a state I.D. from their state of residence, a passport, or a Military I.D. prior to competing in any APA Playoff or Higher Level Tournament event. This includes the Divisional Semi-Finals, Finals, and all Tri-Annuals, the National Qualifier, and all Mega and Regional Singles events.  Both players are to show each other their picture I.D.s prior to flipping or lagging for the break.  

Even though this requirement is not mandatory during regular session play, keep in mind that the opposing team still has the right to request I.D. prior to the start of any APA player match.

If you have a legal problem that does not allow you to obtain a Driver's License, this rule still applies.  You may still obtain a picture I.D. (age majority card) from the MVA.  If you do not have a proper I.D., check with your state officials on how to obtain a state issued picture I.D. PRIOR to the event.

Also note that if traveling to the Nationals, all airlines also require a positive picture I.D. for air travel.

*** If you do not have a proper picture I.D., you will not be allowed to play!

*** Please note that APA Division Reps and Tournament Directors may vouch for a player (who has lost or simply forgotten their I.D.) but only when they feel confident the player is who they say they are!