Even after the first four weeks, if players on your team become unreliable, you may still be able to get help by invoking the "Survival Rule"!

1.      The “Survival Rule” can only be used during regular session play, not for playoffs, or other Higher Level Tournament play. Items (2) through (8) listed below must be complied with.

2.      You must notify the opposing team prior to the start of the 1st match that you are invoking the “Survival Rule” and as to which players you are dropping and adding.

3.      Your team roster must be down to six (6) or less “reliable” players. Unreliable players still listed on your team roster and scoresheet must be removed.  Draw a line through the player(s) name on your scoresheet that you want removed and write the word “drop” beside their name(s).  You may then add enough players to bring your team up to a maximum of seven (7) total members ... no more!  Mark “Survival Rule” on your score sheet.

4.      None of the player(s) that you choose to add may have a skill level greater than SL-4 in the specific format for which they are being added, and they must have at least ten (10) actually played matches in either APA 8-Ball or APA 9-Ball.  Note that an APA member who has ten 9-Ball scores (who is new to 8-Ball) may still be added to an 8-Ball team (at their 9-Ball skill level).  The same applies to a player who is new to 9-Ball but has at least (10) actually played 8-Ball scores being added to a 9-Ball team for survival.  It is permissible to add a brand new female player to your team for survival. You must have League Operator approval (in advance) to add any “new” male player(s) to your team or to add any player(s) whose skill level is greater than a SL-4.

5.      The survival rule cannot be invoked by any team which is currently in 1st thru 4th place in a seven (7) to sixteen (16) team division or 1st thru 3rd place in a five (5) or six (6) team division.  You may have to wait until your team drops down in the standings.

6.      If the survival rule is to be invoked by a team which cannot comply with the “23 Point Rule” (using the team’s latest roster) all above rules apply....and the player(s) added must have at least (20) scores and must be approved by the League Operator (in advance).

7.      All added players must still play the required number of matches, in order to be eligible for the playoffs and other Higher Level Tournament play.  Membership dues must also be paid that night (if non-paid).  Teams may be limited to the number of times that they are allowed to invoke the Survival Rule during a given session.

8.      During the SPRING session, National Rules prohibit any team who qualified in either the Summer or Fall Tri-Annuals from making any roster changes after week # 4. This means that if those specific teams elect to invoke the Survival Rule during the SPRING session, they will forfeit their rights to advance to the National Qualifier.