Late Paperwork Costs Your Team Bonus Points!

Don’t rely on anyone else to drop off your paperwork. This includes your own team members, the opposing team, or your tavern owner.  If they forget and fail to drop off your team envelope prior to the required day and time or are unaware that they are supposed to place it inside the drop box, it will not reach the league office for processing, and your team will not be awarded the bonus point(s) offered for on-time paperwork!

Each week (following league play) it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to assure that all the team’s paperwork has been completed (scoresheet, membership applications, etc. filled out); and that the team’s payment envelope has been placed in the larger team envelope (with a check or money order enclosed); and that the team envelope is placed inside the drop-box located at one of the designated "DROP-OFF" locations shown on your team envelope.

If you turn in your envelope late, a temporary envelope will be issued to your team the following week and will be available at your pick-up location. Being late with your paperwork, three (3) or more times during the session will cause your team to become ineligible for the wildcard drawing (the league office may also elect to remove the Team Captain at that time). Your team envelope may be picked up at your designated "PICK-UP" location (shown in the upper right hand corner on your team envelope) any time after the day and time listed on your envelope.

If you cannot find your team envelope at your designated “pick-up” location, please use or make a copy of your opponent’s scoresheet or print your scoresheet from our website. When the matches are over, clearly mark your scoresheet (and your check or money order) with your division and team number and place both your scoresheet and your check or money order in your opponent’s payment envelope, or put them in a separate envelope and place that envelope inside the drop box within the “drop-off” time period.  Do not use CASH!  The league office can not be responsible for the loss of your cash.

The captain of a team who fails to turn in paperwork and fees two (2) weeks in a row will be “flagged” and will be removed as captain.