1.       Whenever you contact the league office, make sure that you know your division/team number and the membership numbers of the players that you are inquiring about. This will allow the office to give you the most efficient service possible.  On matters involving the skill levels of your players or matters involving rosters, scoresheets, finances, patches, rule books and other team materials, your contact will be your Office Division Manager.  Their name and telephone extension should be listed on the bottom of your scoresheets and can also be found in the front of this book.  You may also use our automated menu system, which allows you to simply enter your 3-digit division number to reach your specific Division Manager.  For other skill level and sportsmanship complaints, write a detailed note and place it in your “payment” envelope ... or submit your complaint online or via email.


2.        Check the spelling of the names of your team members. A slight difference in spelling could allow your member’s scores to be assigned to an incorrect membership number, or to another member’s scoring record. Call your Division Manager with any concerns.


3.         Check the membership numbers of your team members. If they play on more than one team, their membership number should be the same for all teams, so please remind them to verify that. Again, call your Division Manager if you feel something’s wrong.


4.    Gather the addresses, telephone numbers & e-mail addresses of your team members.  We no longer send out player verification forms in your team envelope each session.  If you have a change of address, phone number, email address, last name, etc., you can log into Member Services to update your information.  You may also call your Division Manager at our local League Office by calling (410) 255-5400 and entering your 3-digit Division number, or their direct extension.  We now send an email to each player, each session, showing their information that we have on file (name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc.) so that they can see if something needs to be updated.”


5.       Make sure that you understand the Divisional Playoff eligibility requirements for each and every member of your team, particularly the number of matches that they must play for “your” team during the current session, as well as the National Qualifier eligibility requirements for your team as a whole. You may have matches forfeited to your team late in the session, preventing some of your team members from becoming eligible for the playoffs therefore, have your members get their matches in as soon as possible. If you have questions, or need to verify eligibility requirements, please call your Division Manager.


6.        Our Local Bylaws over-ride the APA Official Team Manual for all local play.  You can download a copy of our Local Bylaws at  You should carry a copy to all of your matches.  This will eliminate any possible disputes over rules or league policies related to your match play.  Please do not store the manuals or rule books in your weekly team envelope.  You can also contact your Division Reps if you need help resolving a problem.  They are not permitted to quote rules or policy, but can help you find answers to your questions in the Local Bylaws or the APA Official Team Manual.


7.         If you have members on your team who have played in the APA, anywhere, or at any time in the past, make sure that their membership numbers and name spellings are correct. If they have played on an APA team in another APA league area, let us know.  This is extremely important since match points could be forfeited as the result of having played that member at a lower skill level than allowed.  Obviously, this could also affect your division standings and your playoff opportunities.


8.        If an APA member is new to 9-Ball, but is established in 8-Ball, meaning they have played 10 or more lifetime 8-Ball matches, they will start 9-Ball at their existing 8-Ball level.  If they have less than ten 8-Ball matches played or have never played in the APA in either format, they would start 9-Ball as a NEW player.  The same applies to a member joining an 8-Ball team.      


9.        If an APA member has at least six (6) prior lifetime matches played in a specific game format, they only need to play four (4) times in that format with “your” team (during the session) to gain eligibility for Playoffs and Tri-Annuals.  a player with at least six previous lifetime scores (within the format) needs only to have played four times with that team during the session. New players and players with less than six previous lifetime scores (within the format) need to have played at least six times with that team during the session.12 monthsIf they had less than six (6) prior matches played in that specific game format, they must play at least six (6) times for your team during the session.


10.      If you have new APA members on your team (members who have never played in the APA), make sure membership applications are completed and membership fees sent in the night they first shoot; and that their names are spelled correctly.  Please note that they must play at least six (6) matches for “your” team (during the session) to gain eligibility for the Playoffs and Tri-Annuals.


11.     As captain, you are responsible for who plays on the team, when they play, how they handle themselves, and any problems that may occur during their matches; along with collecting and sending in league fees; and picking up and turning in paperwork.  Remind all of your players that your team will be playing according to our Local Bylaws and the APA Official Team Manual ... and that any problems that they may encounter during their matches will be handled by either “you” or your co-captain.  This prevents your players from getting into trouble by trying to take care of things on their own. Carry a copy of your Local Bylaws and APA Team Manual to each of your matches.  No member is expected to memorize all of the rules, however your Local Bylaws and the APA Official Team Manual should be used as a reference during your matches to help settle rules questions.  Feel free to contact your Division Reps for help during your matches.  Remember, Local Bylaws over-ride the APA Official Team Manual for local play.


12.      Monitor your paperwork each week to ensure that points, fees, names, membership numbers, matches played and skill levels are correct.  Find out the name and telephone extension of your League Office Division Manager, and call them if you have any questions, or use our automated menu system which allows you to simply enter your division number to reach your specific Division Manager.