Step 1:           Remember, have all new APA members and all returning non-paid APA members, pay their $25 Annual Membership before you allow them to shoot for your team.

Step 2:          Also have all unpaid players (even returning unpaid previous APA Members) fill out one of the enclosed applications and return it in tonight’s envelope.

Step 3:          Record (in the lower left-hand corner of the scoresheet) the names of all players who pay their membership fees tonight, along with the amounts being paid.  Any team that allows two or more players to play without a current paid APA membership will receive zero points for the week or weeks involved (including bonus points).  If a team allows a single player to shoot without submitting their membership fee, they will lose the points won in that individual match, plus their bonus points.  Their opponents only receive credit for the points they actually earned.  Collect the fees before allowing the players to shoot!

 Step 4:          Enclose Check or Money Order Only!  Make Payable to the APA Pool League.  Do not send cash.  Repeat, do not send cash.  Loss of cash is your responsibility!  Drop boxes are used only to prevent loss of bonus points for late drops!